Cancer and Microbes

film cover02This film presents the ideas and events surrounding the radical findings of Dr. Erik Enby,
who discovered microbes in the blood of several cancer patients in Sweden.
Dr. Enby’s findings have received support from physicians around the world: the US, Italy, India, Bulgaria.
However, Dr. Enby faces severe resistance in Sweden.
How many Nobel Prizes will fall if Dr. Enby turns out to be right?
And what implications would the findings have for research in cancerand its cure?

Sweden, 2017, Dir Anna Böhlmark, 53 minutes, English/Swedish with English subtitles
Participating physicians: Dr Erik Enby, Dr Alan Cantwell, Dr. Ramesh Chouhan, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, Dr.
Nadya Markova, Ingemar Ljungqvist, Lena Forsberg, Jerker Andersson
English version will be released during spring 2018.