Silver Bible

The Silver Bible is from 2016. Three months after the film went online it had more than 80 000 visitors.

Filmed in seven different countries (Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Uganda and China) it portrays how the natural medicine, called Colloidal Silver, is being persecuted by the Swedish Establishment.

The film aims at enfolding the real powers behind this threat and it reveals frightening truths about Swedish authorities.

Many users of Colloidal silver talk about the positive health effects of a product the authorities are trying to stop. Who are they protecting?


Swedish version:

Ny dokumentärfilm om kolloidalt silver: Silverbibeln


English version:

New documentary on colloidal silver: The Silver bible


Comments on the film:


Great thanks and Compliments to you Anna for a fantastic film. You have done a great job. If Melhus (character in the film) would have had transparent intentions she could have been interviewed without problem. Her behaviour speaks for itself.

Ann-Katrin Backman


When I saw myself walking in my garden I was touched. That the film is spread and I can share my natural side of me. And then the other people in the film talk about silver in the old days, about silver drops, silver cutlery, silver money ..where did it go? The silver in our grounds that kept away all the diseases. When we want to take it to keep strong and healthy it becomes a threat – a competitor – to chemicals. We are creating inverted values if we do not return to what is natural.

I am so thankful for having the privilege to participate in The Silverbible. I am moved and full of tears in my eyes when I realize that my objective – after my sister died of cancer in 2012 – to make my voice heard has become true.

I hope you all help to share this film to make sure the monopoly of the health administration will not take away from us any sense and wit. My sister was decomposed by chemotherapy. This made me realize I should try to find those people who think and want to live like me, which is in a natural way and those who dare to walk away from what is unnatural. I am so happy to say my objective to talk about what is natural has been realized.

EvaLisa Bergqvist


Professors, doctors, researchers, analysts, biologists and different people speak their mind about colloidal silver. Watch it! A must for everyone interested in health and medicine. And for anybody interested in the truth about colloidal silver.

Stefan Whilde


If you want to live a healthier and probably a longer life – watch this! It is approximately 1 hour long, minutes of well invested time. This is no bullshit.

Thomas Pliret Nyqwist


I am sharing a very interesting documentary on colloidal silver that I just saw. Personally, I have no experience of this product but it is very apparent how “Big Pharma” fight what can help humanity, just because they loose income. This is a clear example of that. I do not want to go into discussion about conspiracy theories, but just wish to spread this information. Clearly, it seems to be a fantastic product for healing. That they have been so completely opposed by mainstream media and other interest groups indicates that this product really is a threat to their own earnings.

So watch it! I will probably buy a bottle of colloidal silver in case I would need it. Though I am never sick. But it seems you can use it for different reasons.

Teppo Oksa


It should be screened on Swedish television on prime time.

Maj-Britt Klasson